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Expected better from you

Music videos need an interesting combination of audio and video in order to keep the end result enjoyable. Unfortunately this doesn't have that. The song is awesome, that's for sure, but props for that go to Coulton.

The accompanying visuals don't nearly match up to what could have been done--there's very little animation in this flash. Almost all of it is a pixel face lip-syncing to the music, and that's boring. The few parts that were animated were pretty good though, but they took up maybe less than 10% of the entire video. It hurts the end result.

Chances are you should have waited a while longer to come up with better ideas first.

Couldn't have been any better.

So... so... SO right. I'm more than happy to know that this has been made. There should be more movies like this to counter the flash garbage pollution on the net. A+

It's been done.

Actually, the IMDB link's a farce. There is no Pac-Man movie, the link was added by a IMDB viewer. Funny how something released at the beginning of the month is copied at the end of the month while the actual IMDB link's been around since 2005 without a word spoken of it.

averageroadkill responds:

wow, sorry, but i don't watch every movie on newgrounds to see if it's been done already. do you really expect every movie on newgrounds to be a completely new original idea? by the way, i didn't copy your movie. I didn't even know about it until someone said my movie was like yours. and besides our movies are really nothing at all alike, except they're both about the pacman movie. your movie was completely different then mine. i don't know why people keep saying its a copy.

You're getting better.

You've been gradually improving and I commend you for that. The drawings are better than before and so is the style. You definitely managed to pull off old timey.

The only trouble I have with it is that it feels somewhat anticlimactic compared to the first Silent Film, which was meant to be wacky. This is a neat animation and all--definitely one of your better ones, but compared to episode 1 it wasn't very funny. I think you should go for 3.

All in all you put in a good effort, so you get hats off and all that stuff... TIME TRAVELLER :{

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

Ahh! Thanks Misteroo!
I will make a third, I guess, the big problem will be coming up with a good storyline. I do like the evil villain, as a character, and eventually the series will evolve into colour (not him of course) and sound. But, as every 'original' animated series runs into, unoriginal ideas. Stale ideas. Anyway I'll ask around what people want to see in the 3rd. Right now I'm thinkin' clip show. But, I bet that'll be unpopular.

My ve®sion's bette® :}

...And it was finished a yea® ea®lie®, too. Lawsuit! LAWSUIT!!

The lesson is lea®ned. Even if you totally waste a gino®mous amount of time, you ©annot stop the innundation of but©he®ing known as sp®ite fanmovies--and mo®eove®, you ©an't easily make something funny when the®e isn't ANY a©tual humo® to wo®k with (o® if the mate®ial is nea®ly 5 yea®s old and al®eady seen by the majo®ity of the viewe®s). In pa®t, this is why the sequen©e of events o©©u®ing in this movie was best left as p®int sin©e it's mo®e o® less a long-winded ®ant about ®PG stat te®ms (whi©h was, by fa®, the wo®st pa®t of the enti®e 8-Bit se®ies... and I love the ©omi©), but I did noti©e the fast-fo®wa®d pa®t--good ©all, I hope that's ®eal.

I do give you guys ©®edit fo® t®ying to imp®ove on the visuals. Lots of the ext®a stuff helped move things along a lot mo®e than in p®evious episodes when it was just long tweens of one o® two sp®ites fo® seve®al se©onds at a time. I noti©ed Housemaste® AND SEVE®AL OTHE® FAMILIA® IDEAS.

Summed up, this ©ame out as good as it ©ould've and it's bette® than the olde® episodes, but I stand by the belief that it shouldn't have been made in the fi®st pla©e.


The graphics and overall animation are spectacular and there's no other way to say it.

It becomes painfully clear just how much time and devotion you invest into your work and it's a stunning example to animators everywhere.

One of my favorite parts of your works is that everything has such a lively sense of 'freedom'. It's all about the atmosphere that's set in the world you've created.

Rock on!

Pretty good!

For a sprite movie you handled this very well and managed not to make it entirely full of cliches that just about every other sprite movie has--you came up with your OWN ideas. Good work!

This is your best movie to date

Up until now hardly anything's been watchable, but this time you've made something that made me laugh a bit. The graphics and animation could've used a bit more work, but the overall idea is good. I liked it. Good work.

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

Thanks Misteroo.
I know most of my animations have used lines (which don't tween that well) or nonoriginal characters. It wasn't until I had my brief excursion with Disaster Labs that I actually understood such fundamentals for Flash. This was sort of a prelude to a series I'm planning... About an antagonistic protagonist (An Idea i confused my english teacher(s) with previously) and have finally decided I'm good enough to do it in Flash. But first, I have to finish some other projects, as you have to finish a certain project of yours.

Very nice

I really like the graphics--those are superb, but I seriously think you should've spent a lot more time on actual animation. A majority of what's in this is just excessive loop/cycled animation redundancy--a short 1 second looped animation makes itself obvious when played 15 times in a row--i.e., the crow at the beginning, the bartender with his toothpick, and the hero looped their animations at least 10 times without much regard to timing. Putting that together with the general lack of movement and overuse of tweens just makes it boring and exanimate. It should be an animation--not a powerpoint presentation.

Excellent graphics, but as a flash animation I think it's kinda overrated. This would've been better off as the manga.

I like this

Although it's been said time and time again by just about everyone else, this movie and its predecessor is all about what's wrong with animation today. You managed to get that across without ranting too much. The crazy weird ending only helped the movie further, since everything that needed to be said had been done and all you needed was closure.

Good job.

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