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Exactly like dress-ups, only under a new identity

I don't know why these keep springing up lately. There is no reason why anyone with half a brain would be interested in these types of things. The source code is easy to find and was probably stolen, producing the very same crappy sprite-scene-maker/paper doll flashes that's failed to provide amusement for the past 5 years. If someone wanted to 'create a scene', they'd go and rip sprites off the site that you took yours from and play around in MS Paint or Photoshop or something.


Dude, this is EXACTLY why I don't use a real public AIM name anymore.

Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you took these from actual AIM logs XD


Terrible, and not because it's Pong...

I'm blamming it because it's a remake--or outright copying of actionscript--taken from someone else's game engine and because you aren't even using your own original characters or graphics for it.

Come up with your own ideas.

silver-war responds:

teh_pigmonkey did all of the physics and scripting and everything so wtf


Flash TEACHES you all of these things. If you have a legal copy of flash then all of these lessons should be available to you by default by clicking on the help menu.

South Park References != Good Flash

The graphics aren't that great and it was all too easy. Seriously--if you miss by a lot you still kill ALL of them in one shot. The kill-everyone-spacebar technique is overkill--you should probably remove it.

Sorry, I didn't like it. Maybe if it were more challenging or if it progressed faster or had more than just flailing Bin Laden's it might've been interesting.

Dressups are lame.

I think it's WAY past time everyone comes to understand that there's nothing interesting about playing paper-dolls with some actionscript that can be picked up from some website. There are a few decent ones out there, but this is just a simple drag and release movie. You need more than that to impress people.

The actual graphics were okay though. It's a decent drawing--you should do more than just a cheesy novelty flash because (assuming you drew it) with your ability you can probably make something much better than this. Keep at it.

No thanks

You probably just got this off of some tutorial site, because I've seen at least 3 or 4 of these already and this one isn't very different at all.

No sound, but decent graphics... but it's not enough to be interesting. I closed it after a few seconds of playing because I knew for sure it had nothing to offer that I hadn't seen before.

Come up with a better game. This one's been done to death.

XxASDF-ASDFxX responds:

Everyone says its been done to death and... I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. i made a flash game submited it and thats it!


Now THERE'S an original idea. This one made me laugh.


The game ends abruptly--even if I still have lives remaining.

The game controls are basic at best and it's very similar to space invaders. This leads me to believe that you probably stole the actionscript from some website. Since there's little more to this than crude shapes you are awarded no points.

cloned-illusion responds:

Thanks for reviewing, even if you did give me a zero. At least your review gives out constructive critism. No sir, I did not steal any actionscripting. Yes, I did have someone kind of look over it and make sure everything was in order, but I guarentee it's all me. I can see why you gave me nothing. Well, all I can say is stay tuned for version 2.0 and we'll see if that changes your mind!


Bad graphics, simplistic programming (probably taken from Flashkit), redundant sound... y'know, if you right-click on the game you can 'pause' it and put the cursor wherever you want.

Not impressed, but good try anwyay.

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