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Expected better from you

Music videos need an interesting combination of audio and video in order to keep the end result enjoyable. Unfortunately this doesn't have that. The song is awesome, that's for sure, but props for that go to Coulton.

The accompanying visuals don't nearly match up to what could have been done--there's very little animation in this flash. Almost all of it is a pixel face lip-syncing to the music, and that's boring. The few parts that were animated were pretty good though, but they took up maybe less than 10% of the entire video. It hurts the end result.

Chances are you should have waited a while longer to come up with better ideas first.

Couldn't have been any better.

So... so... SO right. I'm more than happy to know that this has been made. There should be more movies like this to counter the flash garbage pollution on the net. A+

It's been done.

Actually, the IMDB link's a farce. There is no Pac-Man movie, the link was added by a IMDB viewer. Funny how something released at the beginning of the month is copied at the end of the month while the actual IMDB link's been around since 2005 without a word spoken of it.

averageroadkill responds:

wow, sorry, but i don't watch every movie on newgrounds to see if it's been done already. do you really expect every movie on newgrounds to be a completely new original idea? by the way, i didn't copy your movie. I didn't even know about it until someone said my movie was like yours. and besides our movies are really nothing at all alike, except they're both about the pacman movie. your movie was completely different then mine. i don't know why people keep saying its a copy.

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Exactly like dress-ups, only under a new identity

I don't know why these keep springing up lately. There is no reason why anyone with half a brain would be interested in these types of things. The source code is easy to find and was probably stolen, producing the very same crappy sprite-scene-maker/paper doll flashes that's failed to provide amusement for the past 5 years. If someone wanted to 'create a scene', they'd go and rip sprites off the site that you took yours from and play around in MS Paint or Photoshop or something.


Dude, this is EXACTLY why I don't use a real public AIM name anymore.

Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you took these from actual AIM logs XD


Terrible, and not because it's Pong...

I'm blamming it because it's a remake--or outright copying of actionscript--taken from someone else's game engine and because you aren't even using your own original characters or graphics for it.

Come up with your own ideas.

silver-war responds:

teh_pigmonkey did all of the physics and scripting and everything so wtf

If you are reading this, I am already dead. Maybe. Probably.

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